Sweets Berry Farm

Pick Your Own!

Rutledge, GA

U-Pick Fruits and Berries


U-pick half gallon - $8
U-pick gallon - $15
We-pick pint - $4

Thornless Blackberries
U-pick half gallon - $7
U-pick gallon - $13
We-pick pint - $4

Pints are provided in clear clamshell containers..

A one gallon bucket holds about 6.8 pounds of berries (level).


Starting Fall of 2019

We have many varieties of apples, peaches, plums, nectarines, and pears. Your choice. Just put them in our one gallon buckets provided and pay a flat price!

U-pick $12/gal
U-pick two gallons $11/gal
U-pick three gallons+ $10.50/gal
We-pick $0.75/fruit

To pick your own, pay at the front building on Davis Academy Rd and get your buckets with bags in them.  When you are done, return the bucket and take home the freshest fruits and berries!

We have cold, canned drinks and ice cream for sale at the customer building next to the parking area.